Simeria the Soul of Europe Conference

The train journey to Simeria for the ‘Soul of Europe’ Conference was very long – 10 hours – on the dirtiest train I have ever travelled on, but I had an interesting conversation with a young woman and when I jumped (literally – the doorways are so high off the platform) from the train in Simeria, a woman was there waiting for me at the exact door and calling my name – a big surprise. Here is a picture of her in her gypsy dress.

She is Romanian and was fed as a newborn baby by a gypsy wet nurse thereby receiving gypsy life forces. A man I have met needed a blood transfusion as a newborn babe and received gypsy blood so considers himself half gypsy. They have both looked after me very well and the conference I came to attend has been very interesting. Here is a picture of a gypsy house. I didn’t know gypsies lived in houses – but it’s only the wealthy ones.