Hiking in the Forest in Simeria

We hiked in the forest and met some cows and cow herders coming down from summer pastures. I was amazed at how the cows managed to keep their footing in that rocky terrain. I was amazed that I did too!

The hike back down only took 3 hours though they were a bit nerve-wracking.

Monsieur Bijoux, had it easiest. He travelled in his own special back pack and was an exceedingly well trained cat. He belonged to an opera singer amongst us.

Back at the Conference site the Romanian goodbyes began. All goodbyes have to be said 3 times, with hugs, to be real. It was chaotic but warm-hearted.

John gave me a ride to the station for the trip from Simeria to Sibiu. I arrived last night – accomplished a lot of emails, and had a really good night’s sleep.

It is hot here.