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Sophia Services travels in search of soul as expressed within nature and among humankind. Amid our bustling lives are hidden doors that can open to experiences that nurture the heart and soul. We will go in search of these nurturing experiences – they can still be found in our present day world. When exploring in lands and cultures different from our own, we can open our senses from the inside out. Come – open some doors with us!

We offer tours in small groups, in search of experiences that touch and nurture the soul. These can occur amid the geography and nature of a land and/or amongst its people and their culture. Experiences of the soul are more likely to be found far away from a bustling metropolis, expensive hotels, TVs and phones. As a consequence, these tours will be relatively low cost while maintaining a basic level of comfort. Experiences will be individual, yet enhanced by exploring with a small group of like-minded people.

Please contact Sarnia Guiton at sarnia(at)sophiaservices.ca.

Code of Conduct

You are responsible to find out if you need a visa and, if so, to get it before departure.

You are responsible for making sure you have the joining instructions before leaving home.

The tour will proceed as shown in the itinerary unless unavoidable circumstances occur. Participants may not attempt to change the itinerary during the tour.

Questions about itinerary or suggestions, requests, etc. are to be posed to the tour leader/guide before bringing to the group for discussion.

If you wish some independent time it is to be arranged with the tour leader/guide beforehand.

You are expected to be on time for daily departures and re-grouping. Everyone will be given the name, address, and phone number of each hotel; please keep this handy so you can find your own way if the group has to leave without you.

Changes made by the tour leader/guide are necessary and to be honored. They have been made for good reason. Explanations will be given as appropriate, e.g. an accident on a railway line requires us to travel by bus instead – a political demonstration makes a detour advisable.

Always keep in mind: We are ambassadors for North America. We endeavor to be polite at all times and remember we are guests in someone else’s country. Even in crowded situations, pushing and shoving is not acceptable behavior. Acting in an overly dominant manner in stressful situations is unwise and impolite.

If you know that you snore, you are expected to take a single room and pay the single supplement if one applies. Sleep is important for everyone’s enjoyment of a tour.

Every participant in a Sophia Services tour is required to sign this agreement.

Codes of Conduct may vary with each tour.