The Orkney Islands

From the northernmost coast of Scotland we took another ferry to Stromness in the Orkney Islands.

Arriving in the dark and the rain, we found Stromness has basically one street with the same width as the C roads! It reminded me of driving in Tenerife on a road that was really built for donkeys and, for Paul, a very stressful drive in an Italian hill town. And strangely, in none of these cases were the roads only one way. In the daylight next morning there was a certain charm to it but late at night in the rain it was no fun.

We visited Skara Brae, the well known pre-historic village, more stone circles and a Neolithic burial chamber, still incredibly intact. We also visited the Italian Chapel, so called because it was built by Italian prisoners of war during World War II out of whatever scraps they could find. It was quite lovely and a tremendous testament to the human spirit.