Rosia Waldorf School

I took a bus to Rosia to visit the gypsy Waldorf School that I had understood was very poor. It looked better off than our own school at home! They get donations from Germany to keep the school going. Almost no government funding and parents unable to pay tuition.

I met one of the teachers who was delightful. Leila took me to the school and then to her home for coffee. She arranged for a ride for me back to Sibiu and I spent the rest of the day exploring the old town, trying to stay out of the sun, looking for accommodation for a group, and enjoying the medieval fair set up in the large square.

I walked back to the hotel, picked up my backpack and am now at the train station 3 hrs early for the overnight train to Budapest. I might as well wait here as anywhere else and my feet refuse to walk any further.

Sibiu has done a great job of restoring its historical buildings and the two squares, the large and the small, are full of cafes looking very welcoming.

There’s no wifi here at the station but I can use the time to write this update – and now I only have 2 hours to wait for the train

I have made some good and useful connections for a tour and new friends. I wish email was more reliably accessible but this is Eastern Europe which is still catching up.

I’ll be met off the train in Budapest tomorrow morning which is comforting, though my biggest priority is to get clean. The shower this morning was wonderful but after sweating all day I’m in need of another!