After the Conference

The Conference is over now and tomorrow many of us will go on a bus and then walk for a few hours into the mountains. We will stay for two nights in a lodge and have some meditation exercises etc. I don’t expect there will be internet up there so I won’t take my laptop which is heavy and my day bag will be full of fresh socks etc 🙂

We come back on Wednesday and on Thursday morning I take the train to Sibiu (still in Romania).

I will be looking for good accommodation for a group, exploring the old town which is, apparently, very lovely, and expect to visit a Waldorf school for gypsy children and find out if there is something useful a tour group could do there at the school if we visit.

Friday night I take an overnight train to Budapest.
Someone will meet me there in the morning and we’ll visit another possibly interesting place.

I hope to be able to check emails every day after we come out of the mountains.
This was a surprise, not having access here in the village.

It was not a nice surprise.