Dacian Site

The first day we went on an excursion to an ancient Dacian (Thracian) site – terrible road – but good company in the car with gypsy and Romanian songs and funny company.

Next day we started out going to the Prislop Monastery, famous as the gravesite of a Romanian Saint. Narrow winding road, thick traffic, no organization, traffic jammed in many places, thousands of people. We parked the cars and started walking, but it was another 5km and all uphill and I didn’t get there. I managed 3.5km but gave up.

The crowds of people discouraged me; not my idea of visiting a monastery.

I had a rest, walked back to the cars slowly, visited a church and cemetery on the way and then watched the drama of cars and buses trying to pass each other on the narrow road. It was often very amusing. I had a choice of being bored waiting for the others to come back or watch people’s behavior and be amused.