Welcome to Sophia Services, please join us in our travels in search of soul as expressed within nature and among humankind. Amid our bustling lives are hidden doors that can open to experiences that nurture the heart and soul. We will go in search of these nurturing experiences – they can still be found in our present day world. When exploring in lands and cultures different from our own, we can open our senses from the inside out. Come – open some doors with us!

We offer tours in small groups, in search of experiences that touch and nurture the soul. These can occur amid the geography and nature of a land and/or amongst its people and their culture. Experiences of the soul are more likely to be found far away from a bustling metropolis, expensive hotels, TVs and phones. As a consequence, these tours will be relatively low cost while maintaining a basic level of comfort. Experiences will be individual, yet enhanced by exploring with a small group of like-minded people.

 In Search of Self-Renewal – In the Canary Islands  A Kenyan Eco-Safari … through Goethe’s Eyes  st-francis

 In Search of Self-Renewal –
In the Canary Islands

with Jason Yates
therapeutic eurythmist

March 30 – April 14, 2016

A Kenyan Eco-Safari
… through Goethe’s Eyes

with Mark Riegner, Anthony Mwaura
and Sarnia Guiton

August 4 to 20, 2016

In Search of Francis
of Assisi

with Jeff Feldman,
Westside Waldorf School

Summer 2017

Balancing the artistic practices of eurythmy and nature drawing, this retreat will focus on developing practical methods for self-renewal.

With an overall emphasis on image, color, and gesture, both individual and group work will be undertaken.

The movement component will concentrate on the sounds of speech and the corresponding relationships to the planets and zodiac.

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Join Prescott College environmental studies professor and naturalist Mark Riegner, Ph.D., local naturalist, safari manager and guide Anthony Mwaura, and group leader Sarnia Guiton, on a 16-day Safari in Kenya.

This is an exciting opportunity to not only experience wildlife on safari in the East African environment but also to study it in depth.

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Francis of Assisi continues to be one of the most loved and revered people in the history of humanity. Rudolf Steiner held Francis in great esteem and we’ll be studying why as we explore Assisi and the surrounding sites associated with Francis of Assisi.