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Our tours have an anthroposophical and/or Waldorf educational theme.

They offer nurturing experiences for the heart, as well as the head. These can be planned, yet they also come in unplanned, serendipitous situations.

We offer tours in small groups in search of these experiences which can occur amid the geography and nature of a land and/or amongst its people and their culture. They are more likely to be found far away from a bustling metropolis, expensive hotels, TVs and phones. As a result, these tours will be relatively low cost while maintaining a basic level of comfort. Experiences will be individual yet enhanced by exploring with a small group of like-minded people.

In past tours we have explored Sacred Architecture in Europe, Isis & Osiris through the Ages in Egypt, the Esoteric & Exoteric in Israel, Jordan & Turkey, an inner and outer journey through the story of Parzival, what the distant future might hold through the Slavs of Eastern Europe and the legacy of Rudolf Steiner in depth in Dornach and associated sites in Alsace and Stuttgart.

In our current unsettled world, these experiences restore confidence in humankind and in our own capacity to maintain a steady center. Travel promotes personal confidence as well as confidence in society’s growth in consciousness.

An African Adventure, 2023

with Sarnia Guiton and
Anthony Mwaura (www.prestigeholidayskenya.com)

May 2 to 18, 2023

In Search of Sacred Origins in Africa–
the Golden Heart of the World

with Sarnia Guiton and Stephanie Georgieff

September 12 to 25, 2023

Consider Kenya. The land is ancient. There are places you can look over the landscape and feel no human being has ever set foot there. The Rift Valley runs through it north to south with the equator across the middle of the country, east to west.

The animals we only see in zoos anywhere else in the world are here roaming free – a moving sight. Can you imagine sitting in a safari vehicle as an old bull elephant approaches and stops within 3 feet of your car? He’s not disturbed by your presence and studies you before moving aside and passing by on his way.

We visit several National Parks and Conservancies as well as other places of interest and can get ‘up close and personal’ with giraffes. Intrigued?

While staying on a biodynamic farm in Namibia in SE Africa, followed by a safari including game drives and exploration of the famous sand dunes and Skeleton Coast, we will explore the mystical traditions and cultural heritage of this southern area of Africa.

Drawing upon anthroposophical cosmology, etheric geography and recent archeological discoveries, participants will engage in an epic journey of the soul into the overlooked origins of this spiritually significant region of the globe.

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